• Together, we can make sure no older adult feels left behind.

    People are social beings. Yet with age, far too many are at risk of social isolation and loneliness. This often leads to a poor quality of life and health outcomes.


    We are changing this, one call (eventually, visit) at a time.

  • SSIPP during COVID-19

    Social distancing during COVID-19 puts older adults at a greater risk of social isolation.

    As a result, we have expanded our initiative via phone calls. We encourage healthcare providers and coordinators across Canada to refer older adults who may benefit from weekly calls from our volunteers.

  • Humans thrive in families, networks & communities

    Our well-being depends on feeling connected to others in meaningful ways. Unfortunately, many people experience social isolation and loneliness. Social isolation is defined by the lack of contact with people, while loneliness is a feeling that often, but not necessarily, arises from that disconnect. Social isolation is out of a person's control. Learn about risk factors and consequences associated with social isolation.

  • Recent news & events

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    JAN-MARCH 2023

    A FREE 8-week virtual training program through a partnership with Lean On Me teaching you about:

    • Relationships, Boundaries, Barriers
    • Physical Challenges and Safe Mobility
    • Hearing, Vision, Communication, and Cultural Understanding
    • Intellectual Disabilities, Dementia, Mental Health and Elder Abuse
    Register by clicking here. You will be followed up with information on how to attend.
    SSIPP volunteers who attend any 4/8 of the workshops receive a Certificate of Completion from SSIPP.
    The two siblings of the author are standing in front of a medical school building on a snowy day.
    MARCH 9, 2021

    SSIPP is mentioned in a Toronto Star opinion piece. Read the heart-warming piece by Moses Shuldiner here.

    A medical student is playing the piano in his living room.
    MARCH 4, 2021

    SSIPP hosts a virtual talent night in collaboration with the Geriatric Interest Group (GIG) at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine.

    An elderly woman is seated in her living room and is happily talking on the phone.
    OCTOBER 9, 2020

    Joule CMA shares the story of how our volunteers unite to provide companionship to seniors.

  • “The senior I speak with is an artist and has an incredible way of describing nature. Today we talked about the different places in Canada she's visited and as she was describing her journey I felt like she was painting a picture for me, describing things so vividly!”

    “We have been sharing Netflix movie recommendations and I'm having fun chatting about those with my new senior friend!”

  • Get to know us

    We are a group of medical students from across Canada that run SSIPP through our university chapters, anchored by a national executive team. Providing older adults with social comfort is dear to our hearts, as many of us have personally known or closely worked with those impacted by social isolation. We love listening to all the vivid memories shared with us and learn something new with every call.

  • How you can help

    We appreciate your interest, and encourage you to make a simple call to catch up with an older adult in your life - this goes a long way! If you are a health professional student looking to volunteer, or are a healthcare provider or coordinator looking to refer an older adult, please get in touch with a SSIPP chapter near you.