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    Our mission during COVID-19

    Social distancing and isolation during COVID-19 may leave many seniors at risk of social isolation.

    As a result, we are aiming to expand this initiative via phone and we are inviting health professionals and coordinators across Toronto to send us patients who may benefit from SSIPP.


    We currently have 270+ health professional students signed up with the University of Toronto. We are also expanding to establish SSIPP chapters at 10+ Canadian universities.


    Are you a healthcare provider or coordinator?

    Please contact us if you have patients who you feel may be at risk of social isolation during this pandemic.


    If you are interested in referring someone from your practice or organization, please send an email to the appropriate chapter below. We will provide instructions on how to encrypt your patient's information via Excel sheet, as well as what information we need from you. Please refrain from sending any unencrypted patient information in the email body!


    Are you a health professional student looking to get involved?

    Contact your local chapter.

    • University of Toronto - St. George: ssippvolunteer@gmail.com
    • University of Toronto - Mississauga/MAM: ssipp.mississauga@gmail.com
    • Western University: ssipp.uwo@gmail.com
    • University of Ottawa: ssipp.ottawa@gmail.com
    • University of Manitoba: ssipp.manitoba@gmail.com
    • University of Calgary: ssippcalgary@gmail.com
    • McMaster University - Hamilton: MacSeniorIsolationPrevention@gmail.com
    • McMaster University - Waterloo: watseniors@gmail.com
    • McMaster University - Niagara: ssipp.niagara@gmail.com
    • University of Saskatchewan: ssipp.usask@gmail.com
    • Queen's University - *Student-Run Community Support Program (SCSP): khealth.community@gmail.com
    • Montreal - Telehealth Intervention Program for Older Adults (TIP-OA): telehealthmontreal@gmail.com

    Don't have one? Reach out to us for guidance on initiating a local SSIPP chapter at your university.


    *Queens' SCSP is the first student initiative in Kingston to (1) connect individual healthcare students with seniors and other vulnerable populations to provide social support and (2) to provide necessary assistance with running errands and groceries for those who are unable to.


    *Note: For accountability purpose, at this time we are not taking patient self-referrals to SSIPP. However, patients interested in SSIPP may ask a member of their healthcare team to sign them up with the program!