• Want to get involved as a volunteer?

    Volunteers must be health professional students.

    University of Toronto - St. George: APPLY HERE

    University of Toronto - MAM: APPLY HERE

    Western University: APPLY HERE

    University of Ottawa: APPLY HERE

    University of Manitoba: APPLY HERE

    University of Saskatchewan: APPLY HERE

    University of Alberta: TBA

    University of British Columbia: raiya.suleman@alumni.ubc.ca

    Queen's University - SCSP*: khealth.community@gmail.com
    Montreal - TIP-OA*: APPLY HERE


    Don't have one? Reach out to us for guidance on initiating a local SSIPP chapter at your university.

    To see all current SSIPP chapter emails, please click here.



    *SCSP = Student-Run Community Support Program

    *TIP-OA = Telehealth Intervention Program for Older Adults

  • Patient Referrals to SSIPP

    Are you a healthcare provider/administrator who wishes to refer older adults to SSIPP?

    Email your local chapter to inquire about referring older adults to SSIPP.

    We will reply with instructions regarding how to encrypt health information and maintain confidentiality.

    *If you are an older adult patient who wishes to get involved with SSIPP, please ask a member of your healthcare team to sign you up with the program. For accountability purposes, we are not taking self-referrals.

  • Other inquiries?