• Our SSIPP Team

    Our Founders

    Monisha Persaud

    SSIPP Co-Founder, University of Toronto

    Monisha is a third year MD student at the University of Toronto and MSc student in Systems Leadership & Innovation, with a previous BHSc degree from McMaster University. She decided to become an advocate for social isolation in older adults after seeing the heartbreaking impacts of isolation on her grandmother before she passed away. Monisha is passionate about building a society that is kinder to older adults and socially accessible to all.

    Geoffrey Sem

    SSIPP Co-Founder, University of Toronto

    Geoffrey is a third year medical and Master's student in Systems Leadership & Innovation at the University of Toronto. His passion for SSIPP stems from early caregiving experiences of his grandfather with dementia. This led him to volunteer at long-term care facilities as a youth activity coordinator to help seniors combat loneliness. Geoff's previous volunteer work with refugees, immigrant youths, and Canadian war veterans further inspired him to advocate for social justice. Outside of SSIPP, he enjoys breakdancing in his spare time.

  • University of Toronto SSIPP Chapter:

    *Founding Chapter

    Monisha Persaud
    Geoffrey Sem
    Victoria O'Driscoll
    Sumana Naidu
    Nitish Dhingra
    Laura Diamond

    Natalie Pitch

    Lauren Kanee

    Catherine Meng

    Grace Huang

    University of Toronto Mississauga SSIPP Chapter:

    Andrea Rossos
    Emily Evans
    Sarah Khan
    Catherine Meng
    Grace Juang

    Western University (UWO) SSIPP Chapter:

    Jia Yan Zhang
    Karina Liubchenko
    Erika Haberfellner

    University of Calgary SSIPP Chapter:

    Sarah Moore
    Chin-Vern Tan
    Scott MacKay

    University of Ottawa SSIPP Chapter:

    Jennifer Rowe
    Evelyne Guay
    Chelsea Haliburton
    Celina DeBiasio

    Stephanie Chevrier

    McMaster University, Hamilton-Waterloo-Niagara SSIPP Chapter:

    Mary Boulos
    Shannon Gui
    Laura Fallico & Manan Ahuja
    Clarelle Gonsalves
    Kaitlin Lewis
    Jordana Compagnone
    Gavan Klair
    Andrew Lagrotteria
    Shauna Jose

    University of Saskatchewan SSIPP Chapter:

    Masooma Bhatti
    Kristina Swatzky
    Leah Rusnell
    Madeline Parker
    Jessica Froehlic
    Tayyaba Bhatti

    University of Manitoba SSIPP Chapter:

    Kaleigh Ducas-Mowchun
    Ann Ding
    Kara Frejuk
    Nebojsa Oravec